With so many web hosting companies on the Internet, how do you decide which company to choose? That depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your website. If you are publishing a website that is for limited use and you are posting a personal blog and pictures, a free or very inexpensive web hosting company may be the right choice for you. If your website is a business website, you will be better off with a professional hosting company that provides many services.
Personal websites that are mainly available to your family and friends are better off served by either a free or inexpensive web hosting company. Free or inexpensive web hosting companies are good for beginners because they help teach you the ropes about websites and publishing websites. Some free web host providers even provide online tools that help you to optimize your website. As you begin to understand the benefits of using these free tools, eventually you will want to upgrade to a web hosting company that provides you with other tools and services.

If you own a business website and the goal of your website is to make money, there are many more things to take into consideration as a webmaster. For example, if you are an active webmaster who is continually adding to your site, one of the main features you will be needing from a web host is customer service. A good web hosting company should be available to you by telephone quickly and easily at anytime of the day for technical questions.

If you are growing your website you will discover there are many aspects of website creation that will be completely new to you. Top-notch web hosting companies like
GoDaddy.com, LunarPages.com, or HostMonster.com all provide 24 hour technical service for whatever your needs are. Whether you are uploading new files, installing link cloaking software, forum frames for online forums, or need questions answered about anything site related, service technicians can help you by telephone.

Another benefit of going with a professional web hosting company like
LunarPages.com are the analytical tools available for website analysis. Business sites need these tools for analysis to find out who their visitors are, where their traffic is coming from, which webpage visitors are most attracted to, and how many people they are attracting every day. These tools are extremely valuable to business owners because they help to shape the website and help webmasters cater to their customers better.

As a business owner site domain management will become critical as you are developing your website and getting to know your customers. If you are actively adding new content to your website it is inevitable that you will come across tasks that you know nothing about. You will need help with certain steps to produce the desired results on your website. This is where the customer service from a company like
HostMonster.com will be extremely helpful to you.

In the end, it comes down to what your website is used for. If it is a personal site, free and inexpensive web hosting will be just what the doctor ordered. If you own a commerce site, trust me, you will need the technical support and site analytics to to propel your business. These two main attributes of a professional web hosting company will make being a webmaster a lot easier and help you focus on your business instead of web hosting. Let the pros take care of the technical stuff so you concentrate on making your customers happy.

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