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There are two kinds of web directories you can submit your site to. There are paid and free web directories and both can be beneficial to you. Generally, the paid web directories will list your site faster, have more information about your website, have higher page rankings and put your link in front of more people. The free directories can be just as good as the paid web directories except it might take longer to get listed. Who cares? Its FREE!

In either case, to help you leverage your time, you would be wise to check out how to automate the whole process. By using Brad Callen's Directory Submitter or a paid service like Directory Maximizer, you can cut the time it takes to submit your site to web directories.

Directory Submitter is software that automates the web directory submission process by doing the submission part for you. You will still have to enter the information about your website by hand and approve each web directory, but you won't have to sign up at each and every site! This part of the software is semi-automatic. Directory Maximizer is a web directory submitting service. Directory Maximizer is one step easier than the Directory Submitter software in that you will only have to submit your site information. The service does the rest for you, and it's completely hands-off after that. Both of these options accomplish the same tasks. Both of these selections will cut your work load down and make it so that you do not have to manually submit your website to the thousands of directory sites that exist.

Make sure you use web directory submissions as a part of your overall link strategy. This is a free or inexpensive solution to gaining powerful backlinks to your site. I also highly recommend using either Directory Submitter or Directory Maximizer to get the most out of the process.
Web Directories are websites that include links of all kinds, listed by category. Web Directories are generally reviewed and updated by hand and are viewed by search engines as reliable link sources. Using web directories to build backlinks to your site is a very simple method to getting the link love you need to rise in search engine rankings.

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