Viral marketing can be a powerful advertising tactic if it is done correctly. Viral marketing as a marketing strategy is different than any other type of marketing that you do for your website. Typically, when you advertise for a product that you are selling, you talk about features and benefits, the cost of the product, and the reason that you're better than your competitors. Basically, this type of marketing is called direct pitch marketing.

Secret Viral Marketing Strategies.

By: Scott Gerling
Viral marketing on the other hand, is indirect communication. Instead of talking about features, benefits, and costs of your product, you will be entertaining your customers with amusing content. This content will employ the strategies of shock, sex, or humor. Think about the way that advertisers sell their products on Super Bowl Sunday. Many times you don't even know what the product is that they are selling because the outrageousness of the ad pulls your attention away from the product and focuses on shock, sex or humor.

If you are thinking about using
viral marketing techniques to advertise your products, you need to start thinking outside of the box. One of the best ways to get yourself into the mindset of your customer is to think about what they are thinking prior to purchasing your products. If the products you are selling solves some kind of problem, then there was probably some emotion, or emotional outburst, that preempted their need to purchase your product. If you can capture whatever that emotional outburst is, then you have a seed idea for viral marketing. If you can poke fun at it by making a joke about it, by making it sexy or crazy in some way, you will be tapping into viral marketing.

Another angle you might want to work on is creating written content in the form of an e-book. Whatever content you decide on, make sure it can pass from person to person easily. PDF files, or videos posted on YouTube are good examples of this. PDF's and videos are great because of
the speed at which it can get into the hands of your potential customers. The easier it is to receive your material, the faster your viral information will spread.

Remember that viral marketing depends on people passing your information along through e-mail or articles etc. If people continue to forward your information to family and friends, the overall growth snowballs quickly. This is the goal of viral marketing. The trick is to present your products in some unique way, that doesn't directly talk about them much. Viral marketing boils down to "info-tainment." The more entertaining your viral marketing content is, the more likely it is your information gets passed on and on.

When people are entertained, their guard is down. They don't feel like they're being sold, or having some product shoved down their throat. People are more relaxed and receptive to new ideas, and if you make them feel good by making them laugh, all the better. Remember, your viral marketing should be fascinating, and easy to pass from person to person, ultimately revealing a link pointing to your website.

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