Secret number one: Learn to imitate the number one video slot holder for your niche video! Success leaves clues. For example, if you want to create a video about dog care products, YouTube "dog care products." Check out the number one video. Take note of the keywords, title, descriptions and tags they are using, and put them to your advantage by using them for your video. You don't want to copy all their information exactly, but you should use a lot of it and add your own twist to be unique.

Do your research by watching their video and try to make it better by adding content or describing a new angle that your company provides that theirs' does not. It makes no difference if theirs' is a pro video and yours is homemade. The internet has a way of making anyone with a website appear equal. Make your video and apply your research findings on the video you submit. 

Secret number two: Add your URL address in the description area FIRST! By adding your websites' URL address in the description first, you are adding a very obvious clickable link back to your website. That blue link must always be present and unmistakable to your visitors for you to gain the traffic you want generated by your videos. 

These two secrets will help you market your business better. By learning to emulate the number one slot holders you will learn the techniques of your toughest competitors. You will also now be surprised when you go to YouTube and notice how many video marketers are not taking the critical step of adding a link back to their site. These two secrets will give you an advantage over your video marketing opponents when you begin to promote your website and products using videos! 
Video marketing is an excellent way to advertise your business online. Never before in the history of mankind has it been possible to broadcast your business through video (for free) to the entire world. The power of this medium is now in your hands. I am about to reveal to you two secrets that will put your videos at the top of the search results pages and get you a kick ass click through rate for your effort.

Secrets to Video Marketing Rankings