Top 15 Traffic Generators
Get Traffic to Your Site
When it comes time to start generating traffic to your website, you will need this list of free and inexpensive traffic generators. This list will give you the best ways to get inbound links pointed at your website, for very little money. Many of these traffic generators are free!
The Golden Link: The Golden Link is a link back to your site (text or banner) that resides in the "body" of another's web page. Optimally, the page your link is on, has a page rank of 4 or greater, and is related to the topic of your web page. Search engines recognize this as a premium type of link.

Article marketing. Article marketing can be leveraged by using Unique Article Wizard. With Unique Article Wizard you can submit a single article that will be submitted to hundreds of article websites to give you immediate back links to your website. Sign up for UAW through us and you will be able to expedite your submissions and save a ton of the wait time.

Online Directories. Online Directories are an incredibly powerful way to get back links pointed to your website and will help you generate traffic. I suggest either hiring a directory submission service or use Brad Callen's Directory Submitter. This automated software (and or service) submits your site information to hundreds of web directories sites automatically.

Social Media Bookmarking. Social Media Bookmarking is one of the fastest ways to get inbound links back to your website. I suggest using automated tools like Bookmarking Demon. This automated software submits your bookmarks regularly to hundreds of social bookmarking sites automatically for maximum impact.

Online Forums. When you participate in online forums, make sure your "optimized signature" includes the URL address you are trying to drive traffic to. By leaving your URL address you are inviting traffic to come to your website.

E-mail Campaigns. If you have an e-mail list you can send out advertisements for your promotion using an e-mail campaign. E-mail campaigns are inexpensive and very effective at generating traffic to your website. Note: If you are not creating an opt-in e-mail list you are missing out on a huge source of return traffic to your site.

Video Marketing. By creating a video and uploading it to various video websites such as YouTube you can let people know about your products and your website and generate traffic this way. Check out this article about video marketing.

Google AdWords. If you want to drive traffic to your website and you want maximum super fast exposure, promote your affiliate program using Google AdWords. AdWords does cost money, but it can be incredibly efficient at driving traffic to your site.

Squidoo and E-Zine lenses. Both of these sites have massive amounts of traffic coming to them. By promoting your products and submitting articles to these locations, you can capitalize on all of their good traffic.

SEO. Make sure you optimize your webpages so search engines will index your pages properly for natural search! Do not overlook this step.

Create a Viral Marketing Report. By creating a Viral Marketing Report using PDF's, e-books or video, you can release and spread your product along with your URL address to generate new traffic to your website.

Google Groups, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Groups. If you search Google and Yahoo and use the aforementioned terms, you will find very specific groups to market your products to. Do not overlook this option. You can capitalize on their traffic! This is a freebie. Seriously, do not over look this one as most people do. Marketing to theses groups is similar to forum and blog marketing.

Create a Twitter Account. Twitter is like Facebook without all the fluff. This site is flooded with traffic and is becoming too big to ignore in terms of potential traffic.

Create a Twitter account within your E-Zine Articles Profile. E-Zine Articles now make it possible to syndicate your articles in 140 characters. When you publish to E-Zine, Twitter picks it up and your followers can comment on it.

Blog Marketing. If your products are related to a particular topic, you will find popular blogs on the subject. Blog marketing allows you to comment on posts. When you do, make sure to include your URL address in the signature!

Use the Power of Web 2.0 and RSS. RSS is a way to syndicate your articles so that your viewers can request any of your site's content updates. Articles will immediately be available through notification. This method is a powerful traffic generator but is widely misunderstood. I suggest you figure it out and use it.

These 15 ways to generate traffic are the fastest and most powerful ways to get visitors to your website. They will help you rake in a lot of sales for the affiliate marketing products you are selling. Keep this list close, you will want to refer to it when it comes time to generate traffic to your site.

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