A social bookmarking site is a place where web masters post and advertise their websites and where web surfers come to find new sites to surf. Typically, social bookmarking sites advertise your site with an ad that you write that includes a title, a description, and a link back to your site. The "bookmarks," and "tags," relate directly to a search engine's results page. Some social bookmarking sites let you include much longer articles as well.

Since there are hundreds of bookmarking sites, it is a good idea to "bookmark" and "tag" as many of these sites as possible, but visiting every one of these sites can be extremely time consuming. Especially if you submit more than one URL. How can you leverage this medium to give you the best returns? Simple, automate part of it, or the whole process. 

I use a product called Social Bookmarks Demon. SBD works like this. First, I choose the URL I want to bookmark, set up my software (with title, description, and keyword tags), choose my social bookmarking sites, and press go. Currently, I have about 60 social bookmarking sites that I submit to. The SBD software automatically submits and resubmits my ads to about 20 sites. The other 40 sites get submitted through a free service I use called "OnlyWire." I get a lot of high quality traffic using this tool, and so can you.
The most difficult part of using the bookmarking software and bookmarking service is the manual registration part at each site. Thankfully, this only has to be done one time at each site, unless you want more than one account at each site.

Here are some tips on how to avoid abusing the software and getting the most out of social bookmarking sites.
1. Do submit the more important web pages on your website.
2. Do not bookmark every single page of your website.
3. Do create 1 to 3 accounts for at each bookmarking site.
4. Do not create more than 3 accounts at each bookmarking site.
5. Do make sure to understand how the software and or service you choose operates to get the most out of it.
6. Do not abuse bookmarking sites by creating spammy, lame, direct sales pitches disguised as content. 

If you are interested in an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your site, Social Bookmarking Demon may be just the tool you are looking for. Use it wisely, and your site will soon be swelling with traffic. Give your self a break from having to submit to social bookmarking sites by hand, and let OnlyWire and SBD do all the manual labor all day everyday. I call this a wise investment for high quality traffic generation.

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Social bookmarking is a powerful way to advertise your website for free. Since you want visitors to come and see your website and get good search engine rankings, you will need to develop inexpensive methods to generate traffic and a way to build links back to your site. Social bookmarking is a free and powerful way to get the job done.

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