If you are marketing your website by submitting articles, participating in blogs and forums, sending out e-mail campaigns, or any other of the million ways to promote your site online, you need to optimize your signatures and resource boxes. This is a critical step that most overlook in haste because they think it is good enough to simply add a single back-link with minimal information and absolutely no flair at all. This kind of thinking is outdated and a big mistake.
Below is a list of the top 10 most interesting ways to help your signatures and resource boxes draw lots of attention and generate traffic to your website.

Separate your signature lines with color. This draws plenty of attention.

2. Use smilies! The more movement the better.

3. Choose an area of your signature to use ALL CAPS!

4. Use $ym8ols. It's like a secret language.

5. Offer a lot of resources not related to your site. It lets people know you are interested in helping.

6. Update your signature often, and be as creative as possible.

Use color patterns when entering your information!

8. Try to bury your signature by using a similar color to the background. This tactic forces people to read!

9. Use "
do not click here." Could you resist?

10. Follow the spirit and the rules of the forum. Some forums and blogs disallow some of the above tactics because they are so effective!

Top 10 Ways to Optimize your Signatures and Resource Boxes