Get Your Ass Indexed NOW!

I have decided to break this article about registering your website with search engines into two parts. Part one will be dedicated to conventional wisdom and the typical path to submitting your website to search engines. The second part will be dedicated to website indexing using a different technique. Both techniques are useful, and both can be utilized simultaneously. In fact, the best way to index your site is by using a combination of both techniques.
So your website is almost built, you have your domain name and your hosted account, but your site is not yet complete. Start NOW by submitting your website directly to the search engines. When you submit your new website to Google they "sandbox," or what I like to call "cat box," your website for as much as 90 days before they list your site in their search engine. Yahoo and MSN do the same thing. It is better to get started right away so that when your website is ready to launch, you don't have to wait for 30 or 90 days before they index your site. "Sandboxing" helps search engines determine whether or not your website is a spam website or not. My point is, submit your website now (free) to Google, Yahoo and MSN and any other search engine submission you want to, and be ahead of the waiting game. Additionally, you can use high quality paid services like Submission Hub or Submit Equalizer to submit your site to hundreds of search engines.

The second technique to indexing your website takes a little more work on your part, but you will index your site in a matter of days rather than months. If you've been creating your website, then you must be writing content for it. This means that you are writing about the subject a lot. Take the time to write a 300-500 word article about your website and submit it to Unique Article Wizard. Unique Article Wizard is a service that publishes articles to as many as 800 directories across the web. The service costs about $70 a month, but not only will your website get indexed overnight, you will begin to build very valuable inbound links to your website.

A single article submitted to
Unique Article Wizard will bring you as many as 1,500 inbound links to your website in one month. There are free methods to submitting your articles as well. Article Marketer and EzineArticles are websites that publish your articles for free. They are fast and help you rank exceptionally well, due to the fact that their page rank is so high. Search engines trust these websites. When an article you have written gets published through Article Marketer and EzineArticles, your website can be indexed in as little as one day because these websites get crawled everyday for new content.

So, here is the secret you've been waiting for. Write articles about your website regularly and find directories to post them in. Because a service like Unique Article Wizard is available, you can efficiently broadcast and advertise your website easily and most importantly, inexpensively. Soon you will be getting thousands of visitors to your website a day. Here is the bonus. When your articles are broadcast to this many directories, your inbound links begin to grow exponentially. Why? Because people use your articles on their websites, click your links, and further distribute your articles. The hard part is committing your time to writing articles on a regular basis.

You have just learned the fastest and least expensive route to indexing your website in search engines and generating traffic to your website. Now, go get rich writing articles about your website and get indexed by search engines, fast!

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