1. Website Auditing software. A website auditor will analyze your website and identify each feature of your on and off page optimization give you "percentage scores" that are related to page title, description, keywords, body texts, H 1 texts, bold texts, anchor texts, and alt text. By understanding how well optimized your website is for these elements, you begin to learn the foundation of search engine optimization. The great thing about this kind of software is that you begin to see instant optimization results based on percentage scores in each category. So, if you see a weakness in your website page title for example, the website auditor will give you suggestions about how to adjust that element to get a higher score in this area. Then, when you make the adjustments and re-audit your website, you will see your scores rise (and sometimes fall). This lets you know that your site is becoming better optimized for the keywords you choose. Here is an example of a website audit report.

2. Rank Checker. Rank checking software allows you to monitor your website's ranking progress as you optimize your web pages for search engines. For example, if after using your website auditing software you begin to make the suggested changes necessary for higher scores and better optimization for your chosen keywords, you will monitor your progress and SEO efforts to see that your website is climbing in search engine rank. Generally speaking, rank climbing happens over months. Sometimes it can take less time, but be prepared for changes to occur over time. The reason that this is true is because the search engines take into account many different aspects of not only your SEO efforts, but your competitors' as well. Rank checkers are also good for pointing out which keywords you are actually ranking well for. Many times you will begin to gain rank status in a keyword that you are not necessarily optimizing for. Either way, you want to monitor your SEO status on a regular basis.

3. Back Link checker. Another area of SEO that is extremely important are links that come and go from your website. Many people believe that one-way inbound links are the strongest types of links to have. Other people say reciprocal links, meaning links you share with other website owners are just as strong as one-way inbound links. It is probable that one-way inbound links are the best types of links to have in the eyes of the search engines. However, link fraud can happen with both reciprocal links and one-way inbound links. This is true because both types of links can be purchased. This makes abuse possible from either kind of link back to a website. A back link checker will identify every link that can be seen by a search engine coming and going from your website (and more importantly, your competitors link strategies). Checking your competitors' link strategies is the best way to gain knowledge and insight into how to build your own back link catalog. A back link checker does exactly that.

4. Link Management software. Link management software serves many functions. Good link management software will help you identify and contact potential link partners, help you manage and monitor link partners, and serve as an e-mail client for communications with other webmasters. Reciprocal linking is a powerful SEO strategy if you take the time to contact other webmasters and other websites that are relevant to your website. The objective is not to have millions of back links coming into your site. The objective should be finding selective link partners that best serve your visitors on your website. By having topic related link partners you are leading search engines to understand what type of site you have, and where and how your website should be indexed. Thousands of reciprocal links are great if they are all related to your website's topic in some way. Keep that in mind when you are building your link strategy.

When you are looking for
SEO software keep in mind these four tools. Generally speaking, they are affordable and can be purchased either individually or as a suite of products. I always suggest to clients that they investigate each SEO software company by typing the company's name into the search field and putting the word "reviews" at the end. Read what people are saying about that SEO software. Look for reviews that state how great the tech support is, how quickly e-mails are answered when you have questions, and if their software is updated regularly to account for search engine algorithm changes.

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Link Assistant and SEO Elite. These two SEO software companies are the absolute standout winners, head and shoulders above every other competitor on the market. Both customer supports are timely, friendly, and they are very interested in your success. I've also found that these companies update their software regularly and the information given is accurate, stable, and incredibly reliable. If you are interested, take the time to read about these two companies on their websites and check out their products. Happy SEOing!
When you decide to get serious about your SEO efforts you are going to need to invest in SEO software. Below is a list of what to look for to help you completely optimize your websites. SEO software will help you dial in every aspect of your website so that you can attract lots of paying visitors. They will also help you to direct search engines by telling them what keywords you would like your site to be optimized for. A key aspect to remember is that SEO is a process that takes time. There are several SEO elements you need to be aware of. You will have to optimize your site with precision to put yourself on page 1 of whatever your chosen keyword or keyword phrase is.

The Best SEO Software on the Market.

Link Assistant SEO Software
SEO EliteSEO Software