If you want a ton of targeted traffic to visit your website, you need to dial in your SEO efforts using all of the tools you have already have at your disposal.

What if you had a report about your website with
exact instructions about what to change (or keep) that will help you get a top pagerank and put your website at the forefront of your niche?

How would you like an exact and customized SEO road map to tell you everything about your site
and precisely how the top 10 competitors in your niche got to be at the top of Google?

Your website editor gives you plenty of control over every aspect of your website, but it does not tell you what to do to reach a first page search engine position.

To do that, you need a detailed (and inexpensive) report about your website that accurately describes every aspect of your on, and off page optimization to achieve a top page rank in any search engine.

Here, at your fingertips is the simplest (and most effective) breakdown of how webmasters can take charge of their own optimization by utilizing their own personalized SEO report. In your personal report you get step by step instructions about how to optimize your page title, meta description, keywords, body texts, H1 headings, bold texts, anchor texts, image alt texts and a whole lot more. Click here to see a full sample SEO report.

Ordinarily, I charge companies $150 for a personalized report. But because I have received so many requests for these individualized reports from webmaster who want to make changes to their website on their own, I am running a special deal for do-it-your-self webmasters only.

First, upon request, (and for a limited time) I will send you a free overall score of your website, with some quick changes you can make to improve your website's SEO score.

Second, for $22 to $43 (depending on the number of keywords and search engines you want to optimize your site for) I will send you your fully personalized SEO report,
that explains exactly what you need to do to pinpoint your SEO efforts to reach a top 10 position in 1 to 3 keywords of your choice.

Check out what you will be optimizing after you receive your personal SEO report.

1. Shows you how optimized your site is right now.
2. Shows how your top 10 competitors got their positions.
3. Tells you exactly what Google wants to see on your pages.
4. Points out key areas to put your most valuable information to get your visitor's attention.
5. Points out problem areas on your website.
6. Makes it easy to fix the problem areas.
7. Points out how you will gain position in rankings.
-It's like having secret weapon that lets you look behind enemy lines...
SEO Optimization Topics
Here is what your personal SEO Report Made Easy for Webmasters will show you:
Link Exchange Man
SEO Topics Covered
Keywords Overview
Page Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Body Text
H1 Headings
Bold Texts
Anchor texts
Image Alt Texts
Final Words
Sample SEO Report

To receive your FREE overall SEO score follow these instructions:

1. Send me an e-mail by clicking the e-mail button.

2. Enter your name.

3. Enter your exact URL address.

4. Enter 1 to 3 keywords you want to rank well for in Google (or the big 3).
Free SEO score
Sample SEO Report
Your report is not auto-generated. Each website is unique, as is all information regarding your SEO. We will have your report to you in 48 hours or less. Your full report comes to you via e-mail in PDF form.

Get ready to blast your competitors.

Level 1Optimize my URL for 1 keyword in Google.
Level 2 Optimize my URL for 3 keywords in Google.
Level 3 Optimize my URL for 3 keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Idea for webmasters
Each of the 3 report levels listed here are extremely powerful reports, that reflect the latest search engine algorithms about your personal URL address.

There is no right or wrong choice between the three levels of SEO reports. Your choice should be based upon your personal preferences about how you want to optimize your site.

One point however, The higher the level, the greater the pay off can be with a larger number of unique visitors to your site.

The lower the level you choose the easier it can be to optimize your site.

Remember, if you optimize for a single high traffic keyword, it can produce thousands upon thousands of visitors to your site.

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Free SEO score.
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Building a great looking website is only half of the battle. The other half is optimizing your website for search engines like Google. Think about it, You have all of the tools necessary for SEO but you are driving blind when it comes to rocking your site to the top of Google, Yahoo or MSN, right?
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