Professional SEO Services By CoolSEOMD

Niche Keyword Selection:
Niche keyword selection is a group of words and phrases that help to describe your products and services. Keywords also help to drive traffic to your website. At we optimize your keyword selection to drive laser targeted traffic to your site.

Meta Tag Optimization:
Tags such as Title and Description play an important role in helping search engines index your website. The Title of your web page is the single most important tag to optimize for SEO purposes. will optimize all major Meta Tags for optimal search engine and traffic results.

Content Optimization: The content you have on your webpage is extremely important for search engine rankings. Because search engines value unique, relevant material, it is critical that the written words you use to describe your products and services are well written and on point. can help you optimize your page content to help you stand out above your competitors!

Link Building: "Links" are inbound text links that point back to your website from other websites. The more quality links you have, the better your SEO ranking will be. It is important that the links that you have are relevant to the topic of your website. As a part of our full service, we submit your website to 23 of the hottest social media sites on the web. For more information on this part of the full service, see The Link Machine.

Analysis and Reporting: After optimizing all of the many aspects of SEO for your website, upon request we offer you a completed and detailed report of the progress made in our SEO efforts. Your personalized SEO Report will come to you via e-mail in a PDF format for you to review. The linking portion of this service comes with a full Video Submission Report so you can see how and where your links have been placed throughout the various social media sites.

100% Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the SEO work done on your website, We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are in need of SEO services, CoolSEOMD provides the most current and aggressive SEO services on the market at very affordable rates. provides a full range of SEO services that include:
Full Service SEO for one URL

This (by phone or Skype) SEO service optimizes one URL and includes Title, Keywords, Description, Body Text, H1, Bold Texts, Anchor Texts and Image Alts.
It also includes
bookmarking your site to 23 of the most powerful social bookmarking sites on the web.

*One On One SEO help

*Search Engine Algorithm Savvy

*Get Maximum Niche Traffic

*Optimize Your Site Quickly

*Powerful Bookmarks For Traffic

*100% Money Back Guarantee

How does the process work?

Together we set aside an hour or two by phone or iChat. You make live changes to your site, as I optimize your site using high powered SEO software. Together we do your "on page" SEO. I do the back linking for you. When that job is complete, I send you a Video Submission Report so you can see where your links have been placed and what they look like.
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