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Local Search Optimization (LSO) will bring you a flood of customers by making sure you rank higher in search engines than your local competition. Outrank your home town competitors in a local search and customers will call YOU instead of them.

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Your phone is ringing...AGAIN! That's because your clients are finding you through a local search for your business and your Page Rank rocks!

Be Discovered FIRST In Google Maps.

Picture your business on page one, where there are literally thousands of local searches for your business a month. Get your site listed the right way with Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Maps to take customers from your local competitors.

Use Social Media To Drive Even More Traffic.

Your new customers found you on Facebook, Twitter, Socialiife and Yelp! Having a Social Media presence is important for traffic, customer relations, inbound linking and for modernizing your business strategy for the coming years.

Secure Your Rankings With Strategic Linking.

You just crushed your local competitors because your new linking strategy is more powerful than theirs. Ranking highly in any search engine requires powerful inbound links to your site. Point dynamic links at your site for maximum Page Rank impact.

Let Customers Find You For a Change.

Stop cold calling customers and let the power of Local Search Optimization give YOU the customers your competitors once had. People call on FINDABLE businesses. This is the best investment you will make this year for your business.


You get to stay focussed on what you do best in your business, and we help you dominate your local competitors on the web. Let the power of Local Search Optimization work wonders for your bottom line. Experience your livelihood's maximum potential.
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When I receive your order, I will need your exact URL address, a page title, and 3 to 5 keywords for each URL submitted.
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Orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours or less.

Get ready to blast your competitors.

$25 posts your URL to 23 of the hottest social bookmarking sites shown above. When completed, you will receive a success report for the URL submitted, and on what social sites your links have been placed .

Submissions to:
Blink List
BookMark Sync
Friend Feed
Google Bookmarks
Jump Tags
Mr. Wong
Slash Dot
Stumble Upon
Yahoo Bookmarks
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$40 posts two sepparate URL's for a total of 46 social bookmarks. Each URL will receive 23 new links. When completed, you will receive a success report for each URL submitted, and on what social sites your links have been placed .

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail me.
Two URL's
Local Search Optimization Doubles Your Business Close To Home
Note To Self:
The associated folder is on the desktop in the blue beaker. You can Spotlight "Local SEO" to find the folder. Also check Safari bookmarks folder called "Local SEO."
Get Listed In The 3 Major Local Search Directories:
Local Search Optimization is a unique kind of SEO. It makes it possible for community businesses to thrive on customers close to home. The result is having your business listed above your local competitors and to receive targeted local traffic back to your site.

Niche Keyword Selection:
Niche keyword selection is a group of words and phrases that help to describe your products and services. Keywords also help to drive traffic to your website. We optimize your keyword selection to drive laser targeted local traffic to your site.

Local Meta Tag Optimization:
Tags such as Title and Description play an important role in helping search engines index your website. The Title of your web page is the single most important tag to optimize for local SEO purposes. We optimize all major Meta Tags for optimal search engine and traffic results.

Local Content Optimization:
The content you have on your webpage is extremely important for local search engine rankings. Because search engines value unique, relevant material, it is critical that the written words you use to describe your products and services are well written and on point. We can help you optimize your page content to help you stand out above your home town competitors!

Social Media Link Building:
"Links" are inbound text links that point back to your website from other websites. The more quality links you have, the better your SEO ranking will be. It is important that the links that you have are geo targeted for your local business. As a part of our full service, we submit your website to 23 of the hottest social media sites on the web or to 300 bookmarking sites. For more information on this part of the full service, see The Link Machine.

100% Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not satisfied with the SEO work done on your website, We offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.
How Your Site Gets Optimized For Local SEO
How does the process work?

Together we set aside a time to meet by phone or Skype. We work out the best keyword strategy for your web site. You make live changes to your site, as I optimize your URL using high powered SEO software and local linking strategies. I do the local SEO back linking for you. When that job is complete, you will be able to monitor your progress in the search engines and check your back link progress.
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1. Package Includes:
*Keyword Selection
*Title, Descr, H tags, Alt tag optimization
*Content Optimization
*23 Backlinks + Video
*Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps
2. Package Includes:
*Keyword Selection
*Title, Descr, H tags, Alt tag optimization
*Content Optimization
*300 Back Links
*Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps
3. Package Includes:
*Keyword Selection
*Title, Descr, H tags, Alt tag optimization
*Content Optimization
*300 Back Links
*Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps
*3 Ranking Reports over 3 Months