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SEO Laws Cool Factor:
SEOMoz has a website that gives a weighted value to the many different aspects of SEO. As it says on the front
page, this list was voted on, by a group of SEO experts that understand Google's ranking algorithms. With this in mind, you can see how
different aspects of SEO techniques will affect your overall page ranks in any search engine.

The funny thing about this page is that there's a disclaimer that says that these weighted SEO techniques are not an attempt to reverse engineer Google's algorithms, but in fact, that is exactly what the list does.

This list is broken up into three categories. The first category, "Top 10 Positive Factors" is a list of the 10 most powerful things you can do to
improve your search engine rankings using SEO techniques. The second category "Most Controversial Factors" is a list of presumed SEO
techniques that probably exist, or are maybe in the developmental stage of SEO importance and can further assist you in your own SEO efforts.
This is an important list because it is not yet determined as to how much these techniques actually affect your page rank. Yet,
with SEO development continually changing, it makes sense that these most controversial factors come into play in determining page rank in
search engines. The last category "Top Five Negative Factors" is basically a checklist of things that negatively affect page rank in search

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SEO Book Cool Factor:
SEO Book is cool for a lot of reasons. This tool is easy to use, and it gives you a lot of good information. For example, let's
say you've got to figure out keywords for your website. First you will choose one to three descriptive keyword phrases, that best describe your website. After you enter your keyword phrases, the keyword tool gives lots of important information. Not only does it give you lots of ideas for new keywords, and keyword phrases, but on the right side of the page there is a place for you to cut and paste all of the keywords given to you by the keyword tool.

The other really important piece of information that the keyword tool gives you, is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is searched in a
month through Google, Yahoo, or MSN. When you begin collecting your keyword and keyword phrases, start looking for keywords and
keyword phrases that gets searched a lot. For right now, that is all you have to do. Other tools referenced here on this site will help you refine
your keywords by helping you find niches that have a lower number of competitors so you will rank higher, or close to the first page of any search
Keyword Tracker Cool Factor:
The cool thing about Keyword Tracker is that it's very easy to use. All you have to do is enter a keyword in the search window, and press Hit Me.
There is also an option just below where you enter your keyword that says, Remove Offensive Words but, I don't like removing those words because
a lot of people search offensive words.

Another great feature, displayed right here on this page is up in the upper right-hand corner of the page called Academy. Academy has lots of great
articles that will help you understand how SEO works. Take your time, read these articles and familiarize yourself with the best ways to optimize your
website and web pages. The more time you spend reading articles from reputable websites such as Keyword Tracker the better. Keyword Tracker
focuses on ways that you can optimize your website using meta tags within your website pages. There are several other ways to optimize your website to make sure you have high rankings in search engines, but the descriptions given in Keyword Tracker are immediate steps that you can take to optimize your site and individual pages.

Ultimately, the goal of the free Keyword Tracker keyword tool is to get you to buy the full version of Keyword Tracker. In my experience, Keyword
Tracker is a very valuable tool. Before you buy this or any program, the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the interface of
the website, to see if you enjoy and learn from the free version and the way the site works.

Keyword Tracker is an authority site you should bookmark an rely on for correct information.
SEO Checklist Cool Factor:
Lockergnome is a cool SEO checklist because it short, and accurate. Keeping this checklist handy, and checking it just before you submit one of your
pages to a search engine, or even resubmitting your webpages is a smart way to make sure you don't forget any part of your SEO efforts. The tips in
this quick SEO checklist will remind you to make your website simple, navigable, and indexable for your niche keywords.

Rapidfire bullet point checklists are great, because they remind us not to forget simple aspects of SEO and general site construction. Webpage and web site construction can be broken up into two parts. The first part, is the creative side of your website, your color schemes, images, fonts, navigation, content and general presentation to your audience. The second part of constructing webpages and websites are your SEO efforts. Both aspects of website creation are equally important to one another. The creation side appeases your audience, and helps you explain why your website is better than the next guy's. The SEO part of it helps you to index your site properly for your niche keywords, and helps you to create and direct your audience by making your site findable in search engines. Doublecheck your efforts by using this quick SEO checklist and guarantee your self the audience you
Top 10 SEO Mistakes Cool Factor:
WebConfs is a great website because it's packed with information but is not too bloated with information. The articles are short and concise, and
are a very helpful resource for anyone who is applying SEO techniques to their websites. For example, when you are optimizing your own webpages,
it's a good idea to have this website available and in view so you don't forget to apply the techniques suggested with in the website. These Top 10 SEO Mistakes are very common to forget when you are writing webpages. They are easy to forget because the creative aspect of making a webpage takes
over and the insight of SEO techniques tends to take a backseat.

It's a good idea, after the creation of your webpage to go back and check to see that these Top 10 SEO Mistakes are not amongst
the elements of your webpage. Remember, there are laws of SEO that will help your website reach the top of your niche when applied properly.
Another way to look at designing your webpages is to think of it in two stages. The first stage has to do with the creation and artistic flair,
and all the whistles and bells that you want your audience to have at their fingertips. The second stage, is what happens to your website behind the
scenes. Typically your audience can not see this part of your web pages, however, the SEO techniques that you apply will help you to attract more
visitors to your website and have it indexed in search engines.

Bookmark this webpage. Keep it close to you at all times during the creation process of your webpages, especially during the creative stages, because
keeping track of the Top 10 SEO Mistakes during the creative process will make the alterations easier.
W3 Validators and Website Analyzers Cool Factor:
The 10 tools offered by Bluewidgets are possibly the best and most underused tools for SEO. As you are building your website, you are undoubtedly making several changes, and edits to your many pages that comprise your entire website. It is possible that the changes that you are making may
look good on screen but completely negate your SEO efforts.

The W3 HTML Validator is a tool that is used to analyze your webpage for code mistakes. This is important because search engines can
sometimes penalize your website for too many mistakes made in the code. Check your CSS code as well, and use these tools to see where the
mistakes may be in your own webpages. The Web Page Analyzer calculates the size of your pages, composition, and download speed. It also
suggests ways to speed up your download times. The GifBot is a compression tool that makes your images load faster. There are also tools for
analyzing your webpages performance with search engines, duplicate content checker, how your page colors appear to colorblind visitors, an HTML
editor, and a traffic estimator.

As you can imagine all of these tools will help your webpage perform better with search engines, and more importantly, your visitors. Don't forget to bookmark this page, and analyze and validate each page before you publish it to your site.
fire eye
fire eye
Google Trends Cool Factor:
The cool thing about Google Insights for Search is that you can find keywords and keyword phrases that people are looking for based on today's
current search trends. What that means to you, your website, and your bottom line is, that you can identify keywords and products that you can
promote on your website. Think about and use this tool in these terms: What is hot either on television and radio or the Internet, will generally be
followed up by web searchers using keywords and keyword phrases that lead them to either stories or products, or a multitude of other kinds of

For example, Barack Obama is currently a hot topic on the Internet. Several people search Barack Obama because they want to find out
more information about who he is and the policies he stands for. However, our new president has also written a book called "The audacity of
hope." If you enter the search term "Barack Obama book" you will notice there are thousands of people interested in this book. Imagine if you
could capitalize on this keyword, and collect commissions by helping to sell this book. Click here for more information about
affiliate marketing.

In this example, you have identified a search trend that could potentially make you a lot of money. In your study of keyword search terms try to
think about products that you might be able to promote based on their rising popularity using Google Insights for Search. Use it to understand the
trends that people are searching for using any search engine. This information properly coupled with your affiliate marketing efforts will help you to
reap the most money possible using either search marketing or your website. In my opinion, out of all the tools represented here on this page,
Google Insights for Search is the most powerful tool for affiliate marketing research.

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