Since forum and blog marketing require you to use approximately the same techniques for advertising, below is a list of top level strategies to make this type of marketing payoff for you. Even though your main objective may be to market your website, the idea behind blogs and forums are your personal participation in each. Direct marketing to each of these venues is typically frowned upon, so actual participation will be your best course of action.
1. Identify the top 10 forums and blogs related to your niche. In doing so, you will be identifying your most targeted audience. Use Blog Comment Demon to speed up this job.

2. Register for the most relevant forums and blogs. When you register, you will be asked to fill out information about yourself, and as a rule, you will have an opportunity to fill in the "signature" or "resources" area. This is where you will be adding the link back to your website and letting people know your place on the web.

3. Post helpful entries. You can either respond to current blog and forum topics or create your own topics for discussion. The key is true participation on your part. Either way will be beneficial. Your signature and resources box will carry your back-links and marketing message for you.

4. SEO your posts on forums. By including titles, keywords, and descriptions related to the topic you attract the right audience and help bring you the targeted visitors you want back to your website.

5. Submit relevant posts. Do not post direct marketing pitches! That is the definition of spam. Keep in mind, the goal of forums and blogs is open communication and is not directly designed for marketing products. The idea is to be a relevant contributor who provides great content to the group.

6. Monitor forums and blogs for conversations related to your particular niche. This will be an opportunity for you to interject your knowledge about a particular topic and also make available all of your products and services. Again, this is where the signature and resources box comes in handy.

7. Encourage open dialogue. When you enter a discussion, it's good to both make a point and to leave by posing an open-ended question. In doing so you are ensuring continuing dialogue and more chances to become a trusted and valued member of the group you are in. The more relevant your posts are, the more people will respond to you.

8. Brand yourself and your company. By submitting photos, videos, and other graphics you will be helping people learn about your company and keeping their attention at the same time.

9. Create a unique landing page for forum or blog members to fall on. This landing page is a perfect place for you to introduce yourself, let people know about the great stuff you have to offer, and let them know you are a community member too!

10. Establish credibility! The only way to establish credibility is by participating as a regular member of a forum. The more you post, the more trusted you become, and the more people will respond to your suggestions.

10 Ways to Optimize Blog and Forum Marketing Strategies