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If your goal is to get thousands high quality inbound links pointed at your website, I'd like to introduce you to article writing using two services called Unique Article Wizard and Article Marketer. Unique Article Wizard is an article submission service that takes your articles and submits them to 1,000+ directories, all with a single click of a button. Article Marketer is another powerhouse article distribution service that boasts the widest distribution for a service of its kind on the web.
With Unique Article Wizard you begin by writing one article that is between 400-500 words long. The articles you write can be about anything. You can write about what type of problems your website is solving and why the services would be useful to your visitors. After you've written your first article, you do two or three rewrites of the same article that are each between 400-500 words long. These rewrites are very important, as you will soon see.

Rewrites are important with Unique Article Wizard who then takes your rewritten articles and begins to blend the articles. The reason this is a powerful strategy is because it produces several unique articles that all have similar content, but do not duplicate content. This is important because search engines recognize duplicate content as a negative attribute and unique content as relevant and link worthy.

If you were to spend half an hour a day writing your articles, in a month's time you could have as many as 1500 inbound links or more pointing to your website from a single article. If you were to submit three articles per week, you can have as many as 4500+ inbound links pointing to your website! Your only challenge is spending the time writing the article and the two or three rewrites of that same article.

The key to the success of
Unique Article Wizard is its ability to take your article and "spin" it into several unique articles for submission to article directories. What happens is that your articles begin to get picked up and spread all across the Internet. Every time one of your articles is chosen by one of the directories, a link back to your website is attached. This is where it really gets good. Over time your articles begin to be used by other people searching for content for their websites. When they use your article, another link points back to your website. Thus, the growth of the links back to your website is exponential.

Article Marketer works a little differently. With Article Marketer there are no article rewrites necessary. They claim that the duplicate content rules do not apply when submitting the same article to several distribution points across the web. They also make the point that news stories coming from sources like NPR are only written once and they are distributed everywhere without being slapped with duplicate content rules regarding back-linking. Lastly, Article Marketer says they have the largest article distribution, topping any service of its kind.

Which ever service you choose, not only will you receive inbound links coming to your website, but it is also the fastest way to get your website indexed by the search engines. Within the first week, search engines can begin to index your site. If you are interested in getting extremely targeted traffic to your website and want to do it in a very inexpensive and effective way, I suggest using either Unique Article Wizard or Article Marketer. These services are the most interesting shortcuts to success I have ever used on the Internet.

If you are interested in article submission software, as opposed to an article submission service, I suggest Brad Callen's
Article Submission Software.

Scott Gerling is the Chief writer for Cool SEO MD. Check out these resources if you are interested in Article Writing. Find more information about how I began to generate thousands of links using both of these services.
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